Maximise Early Summer Daylight with Mirrors

Posted by Laura - on

2024's 'natural lighting' trend encourages us to bring in as much light from outdoors as possible, to enhance and make the most of any space. A great way to maximise daylight is by minimising any obstruction across windows and doors, and by using considered placement of mirrors.

Make the most of early Summer daylight by adding a mirror to your decor, and illuminate your home with lots of natural light. Position mirrors to bring the outside in - reflect a bit of nature, a pleasing view, bright window, or even a favourite piece of art or furniture into the room.

We have a selection of beautiful mirrors in our Interiors collection which combine form and function, providing the illusion of additional space and light, as well as a stunning decor feature.

Head over to our mirrors page to find pieces like the elegantly rustic Hawthorn Trio Mirror with overlayed cast branches onto an antiqued hand-leafed mirror back, and the Matthew Mirror with its antique bronze style finish and mid-century styling casts is perfectly placed to suit both contemporary and traditional interior styles.

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